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Hi. I am very interested in the accelerated ASN program at Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge. Can anyone give me any information on this program? I've seen the information that is available... Read More

  1. by   CathyMcD
    I spoke with OLOL today and they said the applications have been forwarded to Tulane but no decisions on applicants has been made so far - they could not give me any idea of when we might hear. Makes it hard to make plans to move to N.O. and get ready if we get told last minute!!
  2. by   curiousKayPee
    I hope you hear something soon, when you do, can you come back on here periodically and let us know how its going and what to expect?
  3. by   CathyMcD
    Sure thing if I ever hear anything - it does not bode well that it is taking them this long to decide since we turned in our applications over 2 months ago. But I am still hoping I made it and can pull this off.
  4. by   AliB1205
    I just received my acceptance today for the OLOL A ASN program at Tulane with a Jan. 15 start date. You all should be hearing in the next couple of days, I would imagine.
  5. by   IwannaBeNP
    Yeah, the reason I asked was coz my cousin got her acceptance letter on saturday and didn't even have an interview. I guess we should all be hearing soon?

    AliB: Did you have an interview or anything? How were your stats and pre-req completions?
  6. by   curiousKayPee
    Congrats on your acceptance! I hope that you all get accepted, just please send updates on the program, so I can know what to expect, I'm applying for the Fall 2011 metairie accelerated class. I'm nervous and have heard conflicting information regarding the difficulty of the program.
  7. by   CathyMcD
    I got my letter yesterday. How did you know start date is Janyuary 15? My letter did not give a date and I have been on the phone all morning trying to get someone to tell me and give me an idea of final tuition costs - no luck. If you have any insight please give me a reply back.
    Also are you from N.O.? I will be needing a place to live and am looking on advice as to where I should look. Thanks
  8. by   Dream2BeNP
    Hey Guys!
    I also got my acceptance letter yesterday. I have no idea about the start date either and I've been trying to contact someone about tuition and stuff as well and no luck . If anyone finds any info., please post and I'll do the same myself.
    Cathy: I live like 15 miles from OLOL and moved to N.O two weeks ago with my hubby. He works in New Orleans but we live in Kenner. We were also looking for advice as to where to move since we didn't wanna live too close to downtown and Kenner was the best place suggested by everyone (his friends and colleagues). However, there are other places (and cheaper too) that you might wanna look at but it depends on how far from campus are you willing to live Btw, where are you moving from?
  9. by   AliB1205
    IWannaBeNP: I had all of my pre-req course work completed a month ago. I did not have an interview.

    CathyMcD: I had recalled reading at some point that the start date was Jan. 15th. I think I read it on the website. There is a Net Price Calculator on the OLOL website which estimates a total cost of $17,615. This price includes housing, tuition, transportation, food etc. estimates.
    I'm not from New Orleans. I'm currently living in Washington state and am in a similar position. Would you consider rooming together? I'm going to be going to NOLA in early december for orientation. We could meet up if you're interested.
  10. by   AliB1205
    I just called OLOL this morning and they informed me that the tentative start date will be on January 3rd 2011.
  11. by   nolamommy
    I got my acceptance letter on Sat as well!! Wow, Jan 3rd! That is going to be here before we know it! See ya'll there!
  12. by   CathyMcD
    Hi yes I would be interested in rooming after checking prices of places on the Internet. I spoke with the lady at Tulane and she said just tuition will run about $16,000 not counting books, uniforms, etc. I am having serious second doubts now as to whether I can pull this off financially.

    Just so you know I am an older student (in my 50's) so if you are wanting someone younger I understand. Let me know if you are interested. I don't know how to PM on this site yet so respond to me and we can figure out a way to contact each other prior to the Orientation to talk.
  13. by   CathyMcD
    I am moving from Shreveport so not that far but I am still finishing up my last pre-reqs so its going to be hard to get down there and look for anything before December. I hate driving so am hoping to find something close if I can swing it financially but also want to be somewhere fairly safe so any advice is appreciated. I have not been back since Katrina and I know things have changed a great deal. Congrats on getting selected.