immunization shots and records for CNS

  1. So im 26 years old now and i dont have any records of my shots i took. it been roughly 10 years since i last had any shots. how do i go about getting this information or what do i have to do to get these shots again. or do i even need to take it again? im so confused and dont even know where to start with these shots. is it just the hepatitis b shots and the mmr that needs to be taken?? i called a clinic and they said a hepatitis b shots were 70 dollars each so thats 210 for the 3 shots total.
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  3. by   beejaycee
    I'm guessing that you are talking about Charity, right? My records are so old that they are etched on tablets! I ended up having to have blood titers done and still needed some of the vaccines (as boosters). You are also going to need a tetanus vac. I think I needed polio, MMR and DTAP. All of the requirements should be listed in the new student paperwork. I believe I had to pull the forms and requirements off the website.
  4. by   pochadad
    its's gonna cost, unfortunately. I had mmr records at uno ( which I had to pay $5 for a copy of), and I had to get titers for the rest. ended up having to get vericella (which made noe sense since i've had chicken pox and shingles), meningococcus, and tetnus. At sisters of charity clinic in metairie or n.o. you have to have a physical before they'll give you shots. Over all it cost me $200-something- $300something! From teas and application to books and supplies i'll be around $2000!!!