Hesi for Charity

  1. Does anyone know if you have to take the Hesi at the beginning of every semester at Charity. I hope not but I overheard it the other day and wanted to see if this is true.
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  3. by   perkinsflower
    No. You have to take the HESI to get in and a math test every semester. Hope this helps!
  4. by   kelbert82
    Thanks I kinda figured that just wanted to make sure i wasn't crazy
  5. by   brittemmons
    You take the hesi exam at the end of each semester. You have to make a certain score, or you have to do remediation before advancing into the next section.
  6. by   kelbert82
    Thank you for the response I have been told different things some say you take take a math test at the end. I am just wondering if its the entire HESI exam or just math. I have never taken it before only the TEAS. I guess i will ind out sooner than later
  7. by   nishu09
    how hard is it to pass the HESI
  8. by   kubana87
    In basics you take a dosage calculations test in which you have to make a 90 to pass. At the end of the semester you have to take the HESI which is based on information you learn in basics. You must make a 850 to pass is not you have to go to remediation to advanced to NAC I. Now the dosage calculation test its easy people its like 1st grade math. Now the hesi am taking it next week but its no big deal no body its worry about that except the final lol They dont round grades if you get 76.99 you fail 77 and thats it.