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Has anyone heard of Delta College (either in Baton Rouge or Covington)?? Im thinking of their LPN classes... Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   katwoman7755
    Quote from summerland5
    someone i know who graduated from delta in covington less than a year ago works at Gulf tates LTAC in Cov. and makes $45/hr. I think Delta graduates must turn out at least ok!
    This is simply not believe everything everyone tells you. Maybe agency RN's, but definitely not LPN's. Also, I personally know many people at the corporate level....they laughed when I told them I read this.
  2. by   Tibbles tidbits
    Quote from neo777win
    LPN makes 45$ an hour. it's hard to believe. then again, it's can be. travel lpn?
    LPNs do not make $45 per hour in Covington. (Not even agency)
    Also know that there are several "Delta" schools and not all are affiliated with the Delta in Covington.
  3. by   Tibbles tidbits
    Quote from dream_nurse
    they have a new branch of that program in slidell. i don't know if you live in new orleans or what, but the number to the slidell branch is 985-643-7730. the day program will run 15 months, and the night program 24. these are the start dates for the on in baton rouge though, one just started yesterday, and the next one is in july:

    2005 lpn program start dates
    january 24, 2005 lpn day school
    january 31, 2005 lpn night school
    april 25, 2005 lpn day school
    july 25, 2005 lpn day school
    august 8, 2005 lpn night school
    october 17, 2005 lpn day school
    these dates didn't happen in covington. delta graduated 1 class so far. #2 class to graduate in dec 2006. tuition is $16,500.
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    Quote from Nurse Alissa
    Yes, from what I have been told by nursing recruiters, hospitals care where you went to school. I had a meeting with Delta today, and they said they couldnt promise that thier program would be honored at another school if I wanted to do LPN-Rn....

    Im not going there either!!!

    (plus tuition is $13,000!)
    Tuition is $16,500
  5. by   fatfrenchlady
    Be wary of the start dates at Delta in Covington/Slidell. They tend to keep setting back the start times.(Mine was several months later than originally set). Teachers reassure us that if we pass their classes, we will pass NCLEX. Some good instructors (1), but most read straight out of the book. Fast turn over of staff-usually one class and they are gone. Low tech instruction: No power point or overhead projector. Classes range 35-45 students, but classrooms are small, cramped and hot. Clinicals are at local hospitals, and these hospitals dont really hire from Delta it seems. Tuition is expensive: $16,500 and no perks.
  6. by   NOLA201
    Delta tests all of their applicants and because they are a private school, they have to have the class full before they can start it. Sometimes that means pushing the start date back to get the caliber of student they are looking for, per the board. New instructors have been added recently to cover the two new class starts. The instructors do have access to visual aids, although some choose not to utilize them.
    Also, the classrooms they are using right now are only temporary. The new building had to be put on hold after the hurricane because of the permit situation in the parish. Everything is back on track now and they should be breaking ground by the end of next month. It does get pretty hot in some of those rooms at times, I can't deny that.
    The local hospitals definitely hire Delta graduates! And yes, tuition is expensive! Perks...what would a school perk be? Just curious what you were expecting or hoping for that you aren't getting.
  7. by   msmo2500
    Be very cautious of schools like Delta. It falls into a class of schools called Proprietary schools which are privately owned. I have worked in two such scholls in the past 15 years and have been in the company of other instructors from such schools. Their reported success rate has been dismal at best. I left both of the previously mentioned positions because I felt the schools did not live up to there promises. Also having been a nurse for over 30 years (most of which was as an LPN), I am not aware of any Louisiana LPN position paying $45/hr). Please investigate that further. May I suggest you contact the LA dept of nursing to have your questions answered completely and impartially by professionals who have access to all of the info you may require.
  8. by   msmo2500
    Oh! I forgot something. You may want to look at local vocational schools which are publically funded. Some of them had long wait lists prior to Katrina but those lists have diminished significantly. Also Delgado has an LPN program through Charity Scool of Nursing,