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  1. Any advice for a student just starting the Delgado nursing experience? So, far I am not having any issues except for the fact that it seems there is never anyone to answer the phone @CP to answer your questions....frustrating!
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  3. by   shawn39
    Hi makingithappen3, so what are you taking right now? I start Charity this fall and took all my pre reqs at Delgado.
  4. by   makingithappen3
    I am actually finishing up on prereqs. Only 2 semesters left before I will be applying to Charity. Taking me longer than I imagined, because my prereqs have prereqs....
    About how long did it take you to finish your prereqs? Did everything go smoothly when you applied to CSON?
  5. by   BundokSaint
    Your best bet is probably to go to Charity in person and talk to someone face to face if you want your questions answered. Hard to avoid/say no to someone when they're standing right in front of you.

    What pre-reqs do you have left? If you are within 2 semesters/a year of completing them, start applying to Charity now. You know you have to apply a year in advance of starting, right? That way, if you're accepted, you can time it where you'll be starting CSON right after finishing up your last semester of pre-reqs.
  6. by   makingithappen3
    I am pretty new to Delgado from Nicholls State, so I had alot of useless gen.ed credits that 4 year universities make you take. Because their prereqs were so different than DCC's I am starting the bio prereq to A&P since I had no science classes yet. I already have my English and College Algebra done so I believe that is all I need to apply, right?
    I wasn't aware that I had to apply 1 year thanks for informing me! I need all the advice I can get!Nicholls was pretty competitive as far as getting into the nursing program; they wanted the best gpa's. I had a friend who did bad in a mathclass, and by bad, I mean a C, and she was not accepted due to her grades....As I was trying to get info on the nursing program from a coworker who's friend graduated from CSON, she stated that this woman had 3 failed classes from Southeastern (the school she transferred from) and was still accepted into CSON because all of her grades from classes she took at Delgado must have been really good...
  7. by   shawn39
    It took me four semesters to finish my pre reqs. I worked a full time job and only took 2 or 3 classes a semester. I have been blessed. Everything went very smooth, I got accepted the first time I applied. It is very hard to get someone on the phone at Charity. I agree BUNDOKSAINT the best thing to do is to go in person. I applied for November 2011 cutoff and got my response in April 2012.
  8. by   makingithappen3
    I guess I should apply once I finish A&P I, right? I will schedule my first A&P for Spring '13. I also need to take the HESI somewhere in between....I love having things progress, it's exciting! Because every semester down means we are closer and closer!
  9. by   shawn39
    Yes you apply after you take A&P. Which is good because there is a A&P section on the HESI.Which Delgado location are you attending? I attended Westbank. If you go on the Delgado website and click on CSON location there is all the information you need to decide when you will apply. Charity admits twice a year. I'm not sure but I think the cutoffs are in May and November. So start planning when you will take your HESI. Give yourself some time to take it again, just in case you dont get the score you want the first time. I'm sure you will do fine. Good luck!!!!! if you need any help dont hesitate to send a PM.
  10. by   makingithappen3
    I will definitely start planning for taking the HESI after A&P. I'm going to print the "scoring sheet to zee where I stand, so I can have my things together. I attend City Park...and by the way, thanks for all the info, I certainly appreciate it. It's good to speak to someone who has been through it. And good luck to you!!!
  11. by   makingithappen3
    shawn39, I couldn't send you a PM because I'm such a new member to I did want to ask you about the "scoring system" on the Academic Assessment Form I found on the CSON website. I will be studying my heart out to get the best grades I possibly can, but I do have 2 not-so-great grades (D,F) from when I first attended college when I was 18, that are less than the 5 years old (I believe anything older than 5 years, they will not count?) in History and a pre-algebra course.
    There is a spot for CSN Academic History; does this include all required prerequisites? Or all the classes I have taken thus far?

    This is just consuming me lol....
  12. by   shawn39
    Hello Makingithappen3, There is a section on the scoring sheet which gives you points for overall GPA and Nursing GPA. If you have D/Fs on your college transcript you wont get the 10 points for that but that does not mean you wont get in. You can look into retaking a class.Using the repeat and delete as an option. I thing your Pre Algebra is a remedial class and they dont count.Your HESI score can be another way to make up for points you lose with those classes. Dont panic you are going to get in. From this point on focus on getting A's. The Five year cutoff refers to A&PII if you took it more than five years ago you have to retake them. I wil be at Charity Thursday so send any questions you have and I will get the answers from the faculty. KEEP IN TOUCH!!
  13. by   KristenNola
    @makingithappen3, they really only take in to consideration your overall GPA and your pre-req GPA. So if your D and F are in classes that are not your pre-req you can still have a pretty good overall GPA if you have a lot of classes under your belt. I have an F and a D and some C's from previous college and the F gets no points towards your GPA. Since I have taken so many classes my overall GPA is a 3.2 which includes the C's and the D I have. But I made good grades on my pre-reqs, when I decided to get my act together and have a 3.75 pre-req GPA. Also if the D or the F is a class you need you can always retake it boost your GPA and they will replace that grade. I had a C in Psychology and retook to get an A and it boosted my pre-req and overall GPA. Good luck! I just applied for Spring 2013.
  14. by   Carella
    Hello to all of you. Was searching like crazy to get info on CSON and stumbled upon this page. I have so many questions, about pre reqs, the Hesi, admittance, and just basic day to day routine of the actual school program. I work now full time as a telemetry monitor tech, as well as two other part time jobs, am 40-so a bit older than traditional student, have two kids 9&11 and am really wanting to start pre reqs in the spring. HELP! Lol