1. Has anyone gotten in the nursing program with a 115 PAX score? Or do you know someone who has? I talked to the man at Nicholls and he already told me that I have to take the PAX again in March because I will not be in the top ten applications with that score. I rank like 34.75 and everyone with a 37 and higher got in last year. So I want to take my chances at Delgado. I have all of my prereqs done, so that helps out a little bit. Right???

    Also, what do you need to turn in you application at CSN? I know you need transcripts but what else??? Do you have to be a student at Delgado to apply at CSN?? I just have so many questions. And one more question, is the School of Nursing in a good part of the city??? Thanks for any responses.

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  3. by   hs2005
    I know of people who have been accepted to Charity with a pax score of 115 and 110. The good thing about Charity is that they take a look at everything and make a balanced decision. As far as the application if you give the office a call, you can find the number on Delgado's website, they will mail you an application packet with all of the information you need to submit.
    Hope this helps!
  4. by   I want to be a nurse
    Thank you so much for the reply. I am worried that if they mail me the info that I might not get it in time to get all my stuff ready for the Jan 31st Deadline. So I am trying to figure out to get there right now. I will go ride and get the info. Thanks though, you've made me have a little more hope that I can maybe get into the program. TTYL

  5. by   savanna0511
    I have a friend who got into Charity with a score of 100. So as long as you have 100 or higher, you will be considered. If you submit your paperwork by Jan 31, you should get in for Jan 08. Having a higher score on the pax doesn't make you get in any faster. I had a 141 on the pax and it still took me a year to get in. It all depends on how much space they have. If I were you , I would drive over to the school and pick up the application packet. Don't mail in any of your stuff b/c they might not get it. Good luck

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