1. just a quick question... When I went to my advising for CNS, we were told if we weren't enrolled in DCC right now (fall 06) that we needed to send in another application. My questiong- If I already have an application on file with DCC (I applied for the Fall but didn't attend DCC, instead went to SLU) do I still need to reapply? If I DO need to reapply, which selection do I make online when placing my application?? Any help would be great! Thanks!!
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  3. by   southlandrn
    My understanding is that if you were not enrolled in the fall semester, then you will be unable to register online, and you will have to register in person at Charity School of Nursing on the dates given. But if there are any "holds" on your file, you will need to go to Delgado City Park first to take care of them.