Charity school of nursing spring 2017?

  1. Hello everyone, I know the application date is not till August but I am already nervous and stressed about getting accepted to CSN for spring 2017. Anyone else applying this August?
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  3. by   C12H22O11
    I am applying for the spring of 2017 as well. However, I still have to take A&P 1 and 2 and also take the Hesi. I will take 1 over the summer. I was debating for quite a while to wether apply to Charity or LSU. I chose charity and then doing the RN-BSN bridge immediately afterwards. ( LSU or ULL maybe )
  4. by   Future-RNtobe
    I am taking A&P I over the summer as well as the HESI. I won't have enough time to take A&P II before applications are due but I wil take it in the fall before nursing starts. I'm just not sure that I'm going to have a high enough profile score to get in. I've been stressing for months now.... I will be so upset if I don't get in. Not getting accepted would mean waiting five months to apply again then another then another 7 months before I could start if I was accepted the second time.
  5. by   Rexnola
    Hi, there! I just saw your post and thought of giving you some tips to prepare for the well known Delgado Charity School of Nursing in NO. I just graduated in Dec 2015. I had been through a lot of tough's the fact...don't be scared...just be prepared for a nursing career. It's very competitive to get accepted. You can finish A&P 1, English 101, and College Algebra....and a good HESI score to get accepted....then when you start the program, you can do the rest of co-courses. BUT the program is really tough enough itself; therefore it would be overwhelming if you do both....I finished everything before I got accepted for the 1st attemp. The administration has experimented my class of Dec 2015 for many different teaching prepared for are not going to have ppt as previous classes...let say class of 2013 and back, they had everything such as ppt, tegrity, hand you are not going to get any of these...self study and student learn active is the method that they are will be doing in class activities, reading assignments before would very lucky for you if you get in a good team. Good professors and good teams will help you to succeed. Good luck!
  6. by   Future-RNtobe
    Thank you so much. I'm currently taking my English I, College Algebra and A&P I. I also already scheduled my HESI for July and I purchased the recommended study guide as well as the HESI app and have been taking practice test everyday. I am determined to succeed! I want this very bad! Thank you for the wonderful advice!!! It's very appreciated!
  7. by   C12H22O11
    Oh cool! It is nice to meet someone else that is looking at Charity.Are you attending the Open house on April 2nd?
  8. by   Future-RNtobe
    Honestly, I didn't even realize they were having an open house. I visit their website at least once daily (LOL) I've never seen anything on there. How did you find out about it? I'd love to go!
  9. by   C12H22O11
    I received it as a memo sent to my Delgado e-mail. Check in there.I am definitely looking to attend. and You and I are the same way..
  10. by   cristinabuttler
    Hello, I'm applying to Charity SON Spring 2017. I'm nervous. I should already be in nursing school, but I had some personal issues that delayed me from applying. I hope I get in so I don't have to wait even longer to reapply. I took all my pre-reqs. I am taking A&P 1 right now. I took the HESI over the fall and didn't do as well as I wanted to because I didn't study. I feel like I will get a great score when I retake it. Do you guys know how competitive it is to get in? Is it relatively easy or hard?
  11. by   Future-RNtobe
    I'm really hoping to get in this spring as well. I would hate to have to wait a whole year to start!!! I'm taking A&P I, English composition and Algebra right now which is the minimum prerequisites required to apply. I will take more over the summer and fall. I did not take the HESI yet because it has anatomy and physiology on it so I wanted to wait till after I take the class. I did hear it's very competitive to get in and that you have to have at least at 65 on your profile score. Which is probably what I will have so I'm extremely nervous because of that.
  12. by   cristinabuttler
    Yes definitely take the HESI after you take A&P1, I took it without taking it and that's why it was hard for me. How do you add up your profile score? I just started looking into Charity because my heart is set on LSU, but them being so competitive I want a backup plan which is charity. If I get into Charity I will do the bridge program to get my BSN at LSU after Charity.
  13. by   Future-RNtobe
    It's a form that is part of your application package. You get a certain amount of points based on your GPA, if you've dropped classes in the last 5 years, if you finished all
    your prerequisites, what you score on HESI etc. Go to charity's website and go t prospective students and you'll see it.
  14. by   cristinabuttler
    I see it, Thank you. What does CSN mean? Does it mean the nursing pre-reqs?