Charity Nac1 exam next week...

  1. I'd like to get some feeback from others who've already taken the Nac 1 exam. I'm sitting here needing a 79 to pass my final and naturally I'm worried about pulling it off. I honestly cannot see myself having to repeat this semester over because it's just sooo much work. I have to pass and get through this.

    How did you feel about the final? Was it extremely difficult for you?

    The notes I have are literally 7 inches thick and I just plan to start with page one and work my way through it for the next 5 whole days I have. I'm feeling sick about this and just want to cry due to stress and worry. I would like to get your opinion to help prepare me the best I can.

    A tremendous thanks!
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  3. by   hs2005
    You can pull off a 79. I remember the test questions being a lot more general than they were on the individual unit tests. You will be surprised at the amount of information you remember. Just don't let yourself get too stressed. Good Luck!!
  4. by   nogurl
    If I rememeber correctly all of my finals at Charity have been hard except for Pediatrics and Mental the advice I give is to just go over the material on the tests that you did the worst on...You should still have the info from your last test in your head so that's what I did and what I am gonna do for my last final at Charity!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   butrfli
    Thanks to both of you for answering me. I wish you luck with your finals as well. I'm just gonna look forward to my peds and mental health rotation next fall and do the best I can to get there. Thank you.
  6. by   mimimartina
    For me NAC I was Tegrity, Tegrity, Tegrity...focus on your weak areas, and listen while watching those powerpoints. I listened via my IPOD while commuting. The lectures from the evening instructor (can't mention her name) helped me a lot. She clarified a lot for me. Focus on your weak areas....
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  7. by   butrfli
    Thank you!
  8. by   cajunmom06
    how did ya do on the final??? hope u did was tough!!
  9. by   butrfli
    Nope, didn't make it. I missed the final by 2 points which brought my overall grade for the semester to a 76.5 and a 77 is needed to pass. I had a hard time with accepting the failure and cried many tears but I'm healing and will go at it again when I get back in probably next January. Of course, I'm not happy about it but on the otherhand, I have to see the positive side of it and that is that Med Surg 1 is the foundation for nursing IMO and this will give me a better grip and complete understanding instead of doubting my knowledge and hoping to be right. I guess I just wasn't quite ready to move on but by taking it again I know it will help for Med Surg 11 in the 4th semester.

    One thing too that's gonna come from this experience is that my children will know and understand the meaning of perserverance. They have seen the hard work i've put into this semester and the tears I've shedded at the end, but they will also see that I don't just give up. This will be a life lesson for them and my example will be their strength later in years. That's what counts!
  10. by   nogurl
    It's good to hear that you plan on trying to go back and you aren't ashamed of that. I just finished my 4th semester at Charity and I'm going to tell you now it has been the longest and hardest 2 years of my life. I actually repeated Basics when I first started and I was so embarassed and worried about what other people would think of me. I always felt bad when I saw students that I started with and when they graduated this past December it really hurt me but I realized that everything happens for a reason and I feel like that extra semester helped me out more than I knew at the time. I actually just interviewed to work on the floor that I did my clinicals on that second time around and being that I knew the floor, it gave me one up on my fellow competition for the job. If I had never repeated I would have never learned that floor or those nurses. Moral of the story is don't give up, you are definitely not alone and don't feel like you are!!

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  11. by   cajunmom06
    Im sorry you were so close and didnt make it. However, you couldnt have said it better. You are showing your kids the best lesson they can ever learn in so many ways.You have a great attitude. 1 of my good friends that I study with didnt make it either and she always knew her was the complexity of the exams that would throw her off..its a shame... Enjoy your time off, regroup and go back fighting. You will be fine..good luck to you

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