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  1. I'm having a lot of problems with charity school of nursing finicial aid. I currently have an associates degree from delgado and I am starting Charity rn program in the fall of this year. Delgado has denied my financial aid because I have too many hours. When I did my fasfa my efc is 0 and I qualify for the maximum amount of loans and grants. I have appealed the decision and was denied because they say I have completed the course work necessary for my major, however my major is nursing and I havent even started any nursing courses. I don't know if I can attend charity if I don't get the aid. Can anyone help me?????
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  3. by   Hopefull nurse
    Have you tried talking to the FAFSA people directly? I have attended Delgado for 3 semesters in preparation for a nursing career (just got accepted to Charity's LPN program this past Thursday!) and the financial aid staff have not been the most helpful at times.

    Call 1-866-549-6195 and see if they can clear things up for you.

    I already have a degree from UNO so I am unable to get any pell grants (sucks). I hope you can clear things with FAFSA because having to pay for your nursing career can be a stressful. But in any case you may be faced with that possibility, remember that there are some hospitals that will pay for your tuition if you commit to work with them (I learned that from posts here).

    Hope things go your way!

    Congratulations and good luck at Charity!
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    For assistance with problems or difficulties while using FAFSA on the Web, or for specific questions about the FAFSA, call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at
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    Thanks for replying and congrats on getting accepted! Ihaven't tried calling fasfa because I know from their website that all federal loans and grants need to be certified by the financial aid office. So as of now, delgado is not certifing anything for me. This morning I went to see the financial aid director at charity and she advised to write another appeal and explaine everything in more detail. So I did that and I hope that my appeal gets granted. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, lol.
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    Thanks for the congrats!

    I hope that your new appeal gets accepted and everything works well. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you too!
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    Did you file your appeal at Delgado or Charity? You have a much better chance filing at Charity. I never do anything at Delgado anymore. You really need to go and talk to Ms. Parker in financial aid at Charity ASAP because the deadline for appeals is coming up in a few days.
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    Unfortunately, you won't be able to continue to receive aid at DCC. The only way you can regain federal financial aid now is if you continue on to a bachelor's level.

    I recommend investigating private loan options.