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  1. Here is another random question.. I will be starting Charity in August and was wondering if anyone knew if there are certain drugs that CSN frowns upon. I have been prescribed by my physician a low dose Adderall XR, I only take it as needed and can function without it. But I do better with it. I know there is much hype surrounding this drug because it is frequently being abused these days. It is an amphetamine I believe, so I'm deciding if I should just stop taking it prior to starting Charity to avoid any controversy. Any opinions on this?? thanks
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    Do you have ADD?

    If so, you can get your Dr. to confirm to Charity. Charity/Delgado states that you have to inform them of your "learning need" (I don't know how they phrase it). Anyhow, if you do, you will be granted an extra hour to complete each of your tests. You can always call and inquire- they are really good with answering questions.

    On another note, as long as you have a Rx for anything you are good- but remember that you are being drug tested at the start of the semester. You can be drug tested randomly (if need be) at any time- I don't know anyone who has- but they reserve the right.
    So if you drug test and this comes up- all they will do is confirm that you did indeed have a Rx in your name for said medication- and I believe (although I am not sure) that it is valid for a year from the script.. Again, you can confirm this via telephone- or you can always send an email.

    Anyhow, I would refer to your Dr as to continue or discontinue the med... on a side note, I don't know anyone who is not sleep deprived that is attending Charity- know that you will be overwhelmed from the get go... You have all this energy when you start every semester... and then you get so drained from (living-eating- breathing) studying....that is all that you do.....I'm not trying to be negative.... but if you intend to pass- that's your life...studying and care maps.....

    Anyhow... best of luck to you:spin: