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I took the PAX in June and am about to go nuts waiting for my letter of acceptance/denial. Has anyone else received anything? Thanks! Delgado Charity School of Nursing, New Orleans.... Read More

  1. by   Metry_RN
    Yeah, don't waste your time calling. When applying, it took me three days, calling three different numbers to get one answer I was looking for. It really is rediculous. I too am waiting for any sort of letter. I applied in Aug 06 for Fall 07, and took my PAX in Oct 06 (got a 151 on it, yay!). Hopefully I'll be hearing something soon. The wait is killing me.
  2. by   mimimartina
    Hey, Martin, earlier in this thread Shan504 said basically the same application/PAX dates as you ,and said she is not eligble til spring '08,,,check back and read it on the 1st page of this thread...
  3. by   Shan504
    Hey MartinEMT

    I don't mean to bring your hopes down but I was told by the admissions coordinator at CSN that your packet isn't complete until EVERYTHING is done including Pax scores. I took my pax in october after i submitted my application in august and I got knocked down to the Spring 08 semester instead of the Fall 07 semester which I applied for. She said that I won't here anything else until around June but at least I can put my nerves on hold until then:roll !!!!!
  4. by   Metry_RN
    I missed that post, thanks! That's unfortunate. I wonder if I should re-apply, or will they keep me on file for Spring '08?
  5. by   Shan504
    No problem! No actually you don't have to reapply they automatically put you in the stack to be considered for the next semester once your folder is complete. I know about that whole run around situation believe me!!!!! I actually called several days left several messages before I actually got my question answered. Just hang in there
  6. by   mimimartina
    Well I am very disappointed to report that I finally got through to CSN and spoke with the admissions coordinator. I was not accepted for Fall '07 due to I was still in "remedial" math at the time of review, even though I am no longer "remedial". She said my app will be reviewed again for the Spring '08. I am supposed to be finished with all my prereqs this semester, but I guess I will keep taking courses and get myself lined up for an alternative school, in case this happens again.....
  7. by   jtoddj28
    sorry to hear you didn't get in for fall. i'm not sure how far along you are with prereqs, but there are some classes that can be taken while in the program but can also be taken prior to acceptance (like micro of human pathogens i think??) if so it's a good opportunity to get those out of the way. if not then don't be discouraged. i wanted to get in for spring 07 but i'm glad i didn't because i would not have been quite ready to give it my all. i know it's frustrating but just try to believe everything happens for a reason. i'm sure you'll get in next go round if you don't go into another program.
  8. by   mimimartina
    Thanks for the kind words, jtodd. I am in my last semester of prereqs now. So, if I keep going after this, I'm just going to be taking whatever other schools require, as a back up. I guess it is discouraging in a big way because I am an older student,,turning 50 in a few days. I feel time is not exactly on my side,,,,but, what ever happens must be for a reason..