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I am very interested in attending BRCC's nursing program, the only thing is I have heard that they only have 60 postions available and I am wondering how to Enusre that i have a spot. Anyone how has... Read More

  1. by   pink_dancegirl
    I finished with X this spring, so I am done with all pre-reqs and non-nursing classes. I will see you at orientation & in Fundamentals.
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  2. by   MsTunson
    Hey... Congrats. Pink_dancegirl I am taking her in the fall for A&PII, how is her class?? I plan on applying to nursing school in the spring. Did you take micro yet? I wanted to take that in the fall as well...
  3. by   Stacey1
    Pink_Dancer I'm in her summer class now. How was it? I like her. I think it'll be ok. Our first test is Monday.

    Ms. Tunson, I took Micro last semester. It was ok. A little annoying, but you'll be ok. I came out of there with a B and I couldn't understand the teacher. I read the chapters and did all the online quizzes. The tests were ok. Just read. I had X
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  4. by   MsTunson
    Stacey, I have X scheduled for micro in the fall but i might switch and little field for A&PII. My question is can I still apply for the spring even though I haven't had stats or micro yet? I'll be finished with my pre-reqs this summer so by the fall I would already have Eng, Math, psyc 201, arts, and A&PI. Thanks
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  5. by   sirI
    Please note several posts have been edited to remove names. Per tos, please do not post names of individuals in your program.

    Thank you.
  6. by   Stacey1
    Oh ok!! Yes, you can still apply without having completed stats and micro. I don't have stats or psyc 202. I still need to take them while in the program. You just have to have those FIVE courses they require: engl, math, psyc, art/hum, and A&PI. So yes, still apply! Do well on your Hesi test. Get the study book out the brcc bookstore to prepare for it and apply in Feb/March timeframe!! Good luck Ms. Tunson