Best place for a new RN to work in Baton Rouge?

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    I am moving to Baton Rouge after I graduate from nursing school in December and I wanted to get some opinions on where the best place would be for me to work as a new graduate. I have done some research and it seems that a majority of the larger hospitals there start at a base pay of $20/hr for BSNs. Is this the average starting salary or am I missing out on something better? I know in New Orleans I have friends that started out at $23 - 25 an hour right out of school. I also am looking for a hospital that would have a decent orientation period and has incentives such as sign on bonuses. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
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  3. by   nursemanit
    The job market is poor right now. There are still grads from last year looking for work. If you can get a job at 20/hour take it. In one year you can job shop as an experienced nurse.
  4. by   NancyN
    I've heard that Women's hospital was one of the best places to work. I never tried to work there but I heard that the nurses there never leave. This is from friends who work there to this day. I've worked at Baton Rouge General Hospital- Bluebonnet(didn't really like it but stayed a while), EKL( was a pretty good charity hospital and I think you can get a good experience there), Ochsner(hated it, they never had CNAs). And my friends say OLOL(a mess as well). I would say try it out for yourself and see. I think a hospital with Med-Surg/Tele is a good place to start as far as getting experience under your belt. Sorry to tell you that I really didnt like some of them as far as employment. But again you just may!!! Trying to stay positive. I'm not quite sure about the orientation, bonuses and incentives but you can call HR and find out.
  5. by   cmcih2
    EKL I work there and its great Med/Surg experience for a new nurse. Med Surg starts at 22.48 an hour for ASN and 23.48 per hour for BSN this includes a 4.00 floor diff weekends ad 5.oo evenings (3 - 11p) add 3.50 and nights 4.25
  6. by   2bnursenikki316
    Just a head's up about the Lake. I worked there as a phlebotomist while I was in nursing school and they are the WORST! Very good for traumas but then again EKL is the best as far as I have heard if you are in emergency medicine nursing. The Lake pays the lowest (my friends that work there said they started at around $18 an hour). Any nurse I worked with who graduated from the Lake hated the college and were desperately looking for other jobs. For being a Christian hospital I would not advise any of my friends to work at the Lake and that is why I left. I am going straight to New Orleans when I graduate because they are starting new grads off at around $25 an hour and you dont have to work crazy hours of the night to get that salary!!
    Good luck to you!!
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