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  1. by   nch528
    I'm from Covington. Its really getting discouraging looking for a place in BR. The places that I can afford aren't in the best areas and its looking like I don't have a choice but to find a roommate. How about you...where are you from?
  2. by   anich22
    I'm from Slidell! It is horrible looking for apartments. If you have like 3 people its a lot less money but it's hard to find people to live with.
  3. by   nch528
    It is hard to find people to live with. I even looked on craig's list for roommates needed and some of the posts freaked me out a little!!
  4. by   anich22
    I wouldn't recommend that ! I've lived in baton rouge before and there are some crazy people there!
  5. by   nch528
    Yeah I know I've lived there before too! Thats why I was posted on here looking for a roommate. I figure if I could find someone who will be in the program with me it would be the best option......cut down on the chance of crazy!!
  6. by   anich22
    Haha I completely understand ! I was thinking the same thing
  7. by   anich22
    It's hard to find someone to live with me, I come with a fianc and two dogs haha.
  8. by   nch528
    Haha, well its just me and its still hard.
  9. by   anich22
    Ive been looking on Craiglist for apartments but nothing is cheap. So I guess I'm going to be getting a job too.
  10. by   nch528
    Yeah, getting a job has crossed my mind (I would want to work at the hospital). But, I don't know how realistic that is...everyone I've talked to that has gone thru nursing school says that you have time for two things: class and studying. This whole finding a place to live is stressing me out more than the idea of starting nursing school !!!
  11. by   anich22
    Oh I know me too! That's all I've been stressing about. Only 30 days until we start and I have absolutely no idea where I'm living. And I can't commute from Slidell it's too far. And the whole job thing scares me too. Everyone I know says you can't work and go to school.
  12. by   lsupanda
    Have you guys checked Chateaux Dejon on Essen? We lived there a few years ago and it's really nice, and not that expensive. If you guys need any other ideas or help finding something, let me know. I look forward to meeting ya'll next week!
  13. by   anich22
    I have seen it but hadn't really looked at it. My fianc's parents are going to let me live with them for a semester until I figure out my finances thank goodness ! But I will definitely check them out ! Thanks ! I'm looking forward to orientation!