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Hi everyone, Is anyone else applying to Baton Rouge General for the January 2012 class?... Read More

  1. by   Kdomingue
    @ lsupanda what was your gpa if you dont mind me asking? And how much the accept a year?
  2. by   lsupanda
    Just going off my pre-requs that are required, I had about a 3.4 They usually take about 45 a year, but it just depends. With my class it was 45, but the year before was around 41.
  3. by   LSUHopeful23
    I'm starting to get really anxious! The next month and a half will probably be the longest waiting to hear back from them! I'm really hoping the fact that it's my second time applying will be to my advantage. I've never wanted something so much in my life! Good luck to everyone else who has applied!
  4. by   lsupanda
    Hey everyone. First off, good luck to everyone!!! Second, I am selling my uniforms if anyone is interested once you find out about school. I have 4 tops and 4 pants, and I only wore one pair of pants because it was the only one I ended up hemming lol. I have a labcoat and I have the backpack that comes with the clipboard, scissors, pill cutter, and goggles. If anyone gets in and is interested, let me know. And everything is a size S.
  5. by   LSUHopeful23
    Finally got ACCEPTED! Wooooooooo! Can't wait to meet yall
  6. by   LSUHopeful23
    To the people who got accepted last year… Could you pleaaaseee prepare me as to what to expect? Lol We got accepted a month sooner than last years group and so I've been twiddling my thumbs waiting until orientation. I've already bought uniforms, klogs, stethoscope, got my finger prints, immunizations, passport pics and paperwork turned in so its just a waiting game! How often and how long are the lectures usually? And when do clinicals begin? Thank you!
  7. by   anich22
    Congrats on getting in!!! Lectures can be all day or half of the day it depends on what you are learning that day. We started clinicals in March but we did clinical practice in February where you go in and do vitals or just talk to the patient. I absolutely love this nursing school, I am so glad I ended up here! You will enjoy it and hate it all at the same time !!!
  8. by   lsupanda
    To everyone who didn't get in, do you plan on applying next year? I'm applying to start back in Jan 2014.