Anyone trying to get early admission to Charity?

  1. I was just wondering if anyone else is trying for early admission? I am just curious about the chances of early acceptance for Jan. 2007. Anyone heard anything or in the same boat? I am hoping we will not have to wait until December to find out anything.
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  3. by   destin
    I received a phone call yesterday, and was told that I would be processed in the fall. I was told that it is a wait and see thing. I do not want to be told at the last minute. If a person is not qualified to be admitted, they will be contacted sooner. This is the only info I have.
  4. by   jtoddj28
    I just applied last month and I was told I am being considered for January so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I was told a letter would be sent out sometime in Sept.
  5. by   hs2005
    This waiting thing is not easy. I met someone who was called on the day of orientation and told there was an open spot if they could make start that day. Talk about last minute. I hope you are right about finding out in Sept., just being able to make some sort of plan will be great.
  6. by   jtoddj28
    Yeah they would have to let you know earlier I would think so that one can be prepared. I dont like the waiting either. I try not to have high hopes just in case I don't get good news. I hear of some people actually getting phone callse and some getting a letter. I wonder why that is.
  7. by   jemommyRN
    Charity has always been known to give last minute notice. But I am happy that some of you are being considered for January, because i was in my second semester when I withdrew and I just reapplied for January. It sounds hopeful.
  8. by   hs2005
    Have any of you heard anything about your application status? I was told all of the letters of acceptance were sent out for the January class. I guess if we are trying to get early acceptance we will find out later.
  9. by   jtoddj28
    I talked to admissions and she said they already filled january that it would be the fall semester they'll consider me for and those letters will go out in january. so i guess that means another 4 months of waiting. I dont know why whoever i spoke to told me I was being considered for early admission. oh well..

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