Anyone hoping to get into Charity School of Nursing for Spring 2010!!

  1. Anyone waiting to apply for Charity School of Nursing to began Spring 2010?
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  3. by   ccrows8
    I'm waiting to hear from them. Do you know when they will get back to us? I never even got a letter saying they got my application.
  4. by   hs2005
    Make sure to double check that they did receive it, they will not send you confirmation and they are famous for losing applications. Make copies of everything you have to turn in because chances are you will be asked for those items again.
  5. by   ccrows8
    Thanks, I will be calling them in the morning to double check.
  6. by   kelbert82
    I sent my application back on Feb 12 and have not received an answer that they even received it . When i sent it off i sent it with a signature required confirmation and they received on Feb 15th so i know they got it. Hopefully we will hear something soon.
  7. by   ccrows8
    I called them a few days ago and they said they already made decisions. I was told the letters should be mailed out in a couple of weeks, but i'm sure they tell everyone that.
  8. by   su9032
    I called on two separate occasions and was told that letters go at at the end of May. Hopefully we will all get in.
  9. by   scrubsfan31
    I'm in my 3rd semester at Charity and I remember how hard it was to get in! I'll have my fingers crossed for everyone!!! If you can, try to get into Mrs. Hebert's clinical group! I had her and she was great! Good Luck!
  10. by   su9032
    Has anyone gotten a letter from Charity from spring 2010 yet? I hope everyone replies when they hear from them. Thanks.
  11. by   kelbert82
    Nothing Yet but crossing my fingers
  12. by   hnewman81
    I didn't get anything yet either, not even a letter saying that they received my app...I called earlier in May and they told me that letters would go out the first week of June, but I am not sure how much I trust that information....good luck!!
  13. by   redbeans
    i know that they have receive my information because i sent it certified mail and had to resend my transcripts. i still haven't found out anything either and neither has my friend. i know when i sent my app they got it in a day so it shouldn't take me long after they send them out to get it.
  14. by   Jenn06189
    I just finished my 1st semester and didn't get my acceptance letter until mid-June. Be patient. They're coming. Good luck to all!

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