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Has anyone out there applied for Charity's January 2011 class? If so, when do letters go out? I called Charity and they said a decision has not been made as to when letters will be sent. This... Read More

  1. by   kelbert82
    They didnt give me profile score yet and i went and talked to head of admissions and she suggest i retake the teas or other classes. Its not that i won't get in but it might take while i am done with all pre reqs so i don't know what else they want me to take even if i retake A&p 1 and 2 (i got b's and c's in theses) they still won't count for the next semester i am applying for since they look at what you took from the year prior. I guess i will retake teas and get in with that. I am really just frustrated with the whole thing .
  2. by   beejaycee
    Just my opinion but if you haven't figured out or know your score, then you are just shooting in the dark because you don't know what will help you. Go to the Charity website and download the application which includes profile score samples or get the applicant review form. Then see if you can calculate your score. This will help you see what will be of benefit to you.

    I am making up a number here but let's say that someone's score is a 65. You told us that your GPA is a 3.4 - this made-up person has the same GPA and and if he/she can raise it by just 0.10 that will raise his/her score to a 70. You said that you have a 76 on the TEAS. Let's say that our made-up person had a 75.9. If he/she retook the TEAS and scored a 76.0, he/she would raise his/her score to a 75. If he/she scored an 80 on the TEAS, he/she raised his/her profile score to an 80. If this person was still taking a pre-req when he/she applied but finished all pre-reqs when he/she reapplied, that would raise the score by at least 5 more points (possibly 10 points when if one of the pre-reqs was A&P).

    This is an over-simplified example but if you know the easiest ways for you add get more points onto your score, it can only help. Good luck!
  3. by   kelbert82
    When i caculated my score i would have had a 45 from when they were looking at my grades in fall 09 since they look three semesters before you actually are enrolled in nursing courses. I am now done will all my pre reqs so according to their profile sheet i should geta 25 more points for finishing all prereqs with a&p and i am going to retake teas to get more points. So as it stands now i would have only gotten 10 points because i was not done a&p 2 yet. My profile will look better next time i apply but some of the points on the profile sheet don't apply to me so its hard to say my exact score and they did not give it to me when i went in for advising so i could only estimate. I am going back in for another advising session to get all the details. This is just a very long mentally draining process but i am sticking it out for all its worth.