Any input on rehab facilities??

  1. I am a nurse entering into the RNP in La. I have been researching the list of state board approved tx facilities was hoping someone may have any thoughts that may help in my decision making. I have been looking into 2 in New Orleans, which are River Oaks Psych Hospital and ARRNO (Addiction Recovery Resources of N.O.) Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks, Anne
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  3. by   ItsyBitsySpider
    Hi Anne,
    I don't know much about River Oaks but I've heard lots of good things. We send many people there and lots of family members request this facility. I am not familiar with the other one. Good luck in your recovery!
  4. by   busyernurse
    ItsyBitsySpider -- thank you so much for the reply. I sure do appreciate it! I know nothing about those places in N.O. and have started to feel a little panicked. Your posting helps a lot!

    Thanks and God bless!!
  5. by   msgas
    Hi Anne.
    How's it going? I'd be glad to talk with you, pm, email whatever. I have heard good things about Pine Grove in Hattiesburg, MS, Bradford in Birmingham, AL and of course there is Talbott. Scary time for you I imagine.
  6. by   mimimartina
    Hi, I worked as a LPN at Fontainbleau Tx Center in Mandeville for 6 years,,was a good job, but as with any "state" job,,,too many politics, and there was always a clash between nursing services and the counseling staff. Working with the clients was rewarding & challenging...