Am I Nurse Material? - page 6

I made my decision to go into nursing. It took a 4 day stay to Childrens Hospital last year with my 5 week old daughter. What I saw there in what seemed like a year changed my life. I have never... Read More

  1. by   Hopefull nurse
    Thanks for your words of encouragement.I am excited about starting the fall semester next month to get my biology prerequisites out of the way.I think about nursing everyday and ask myself if I am ready to take this huge step in my life. At times, it scares me to think I could fail and not make it to nursing school. I wish I could block those thoughts from my brain. But then the thought of working with great people to help those that are sick makes me feel calm again. Its amazing how God can send you such a strong sign of what your purpose in life is. For many years now I had asked myself the question over and over again, "what was I meant to do here?" my only regret is that I didn't realize it until my 30's. So many years of wasted time. I am afraid I won't be a nurse long enough to fullfill my purpose. I guess all those years were meant for me to grow and mature and learn through lifes experiences. My hope is to get in to charity school of nursing in 2011 and one day work for childrens hospital. One day.
  2. by   Hopefull nurse
    Wow! I keep getting signs that Nursing is meant for me. It turns out that I can actually get in to Charity next year and not in 2011 ! I am so excited about the great news. Turns out I was misinformed but thankfully I got that straightened out...mistakes happen. So, I'll be applying for Charity Fall 2010. Any Charity Fall 2010 students out there?