Lost Ephedrine


Please help! I lost ephedrine. I work in OB and I was trained to leave ephedrine taped to the the computer in the patients room or keep it in our pocket in case our patient's bp dropped we had quick access to it. Well II lost the ephedrine and have looked all over. Even my staff that night helped me and we couldn't find it any where! I called pharmacy and they stated they had to report it as a diversion. What do I do? Or what will happen now?

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Diversion...really? Ephedrine is a schedule V drug and can be bought over the counter...unless your state has added additional restrictions. It is restricted because it is used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

I think it is reportable nut diversion? I'd call your and be sure...alert them that pharmacy is "reporting" this. When he said reporting as diversion....does he mean to the BON? It is NOT a DEA concern in small amounts I think it has to be over 9 grams/30 days to alert the DEA.