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lossing hope :(


Hi everyone. I am about to loss my hope frown emoticon I finished my BSN in Philippines last 2009. never practice it, since I didn't pass my NLE. Presently, I live in TX, I tried to look for a state that I am eligible to take the NCLEX RN that I do not need to re-educate myself, meaning, I do not need to go back to study for another 4years class again. I don't mind to take the refresher course, but re educate my self to start for another 4 years is crazy frown emoticon I call...ed the txBON, they told me they might considered my application since presently I work at the Methodist Hospital as a PCA. But they still cant assure me if they will consider me or not. They have to check my credentials first. but I need an assurance. frown emoticon and I know since its been like almost 6 years since I graduated, I don't think they will consider me. does anybody know which state I am eligible and its a compact state here in texas? Looking forward for any reply.