losing pt. sitter

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I work on a cardiac stepdown--post angioplasty unit. We often pull out the pt. sheath after returning from cath lab.

On occasions patients become or are confused. The doctor orders for a sitter at bedside. Nursing staffing office gets us a sitter. Now they've implemented a new rule. Family must watch patient. Unless, the family wants to pay for sitter.

My concern is. What happens if the family states we don't have enough money and I have to work? The family states they can't afford a sitter. What do I do then? The patients leg must stay straight or he'll bleed. I can't stay with him. I have other patients.

Also what happens if the family stays at bedside. But the family member falls asleep. What happens if the patient climbs out of bed and starts bleeding? Who's responsibility does it fall under?

It scares me.

Is anyone elses hospitals going through the same changes?

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