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Losing Interest in Nursing


I never thought I would be saying this but as I been thinking about things with my GPA not up to where it should be and nursing be so competitive that I may be losing interest in it all together. I'm beginning to think its not worth all the stress to compete to get into nursing school when there are plenty of other majors out there. My Medical Assisting department chair was nice to give me a chance at a great opportunity to get my degree in the medical field when nursing turned me away. These are things I have been thinking about. I may not even like nursing once I do graduate and pass the NCLEX. To those interested in nursing and those that are nurses I commend you for never giving up on something you truly wanted. Once you have a poor academic record its hard to bring yourself out of it well in my case. I'm at a point where I really don't know what I want to do given the circumstances. This is more stressful than one can imagine.