Lorazepam prescription gonna get me a permanant DQ from Army?

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Howdy all. Well, I got DQd for having IBS. I told the recruiter on the first day we meet that I had IBS and was taking 1 mg ativan at nite along with psylium husk and excercise to control the symptoms. I explained that my symptoms have been completely controlled following this regimine. The recruiter said that I would get a DQ for the IBS but that we could get a waiver. So now that Ive been DQd Im supposed to file for a waiver. Ive been told that IBS is an easily waiverable deal. The only hiccup with my situation is that the normal IBS drugs made me retain water and made me crazy thirsty (dycyclomine is antichol), and uncomfortable (nortriptlyne). The majority of my IBS symptoms occured at nite and after trying dicyclomine, and hyscomine, nortpriptylin I got sick of the side effects and stopped all of those. My doc gave me a prescription for lorazepam 1mg at nite and since that time my quality of life has been good and symptoms have improved alot and its the only med I take.

I know the lorazepam is an oddball way to treat IBS but it works in my case, along with the excercise and psylium husk and diet. The Army docs hadnt seen someone treated for IBS with lorazepam and told me they thought it was maybe cause I had a severe case. I explained that the other meds sucked and the current treatment has controlled my IBS symptoms. I got 2 doctors notes to explain exactly what im saying. The notes say im fit for duty and the IBS is controlled with my current treatment plan and I have no problems performing all duties.

My main question is do you think I will get a permanent DQ if I push my case thru to the waiver gods? I dont know if lorazepam prescription is a permanant DQ thing cause its normally used for anxiety things (which oddly enough IBS has components of that). The lorazepam has really made a difference, along with the other measures. I am perfectly healthy and could currently pass the APFT. I had good BP and all my labs were good and I even passed the army drug test. My benzos came up negative because the levels were so low! I just made it thru accelerated nursing school with excellent grades and missed zero days of clinical or school. So I think my track record proves I can handel stress its just the army has its rules soo, what do you guys think?


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That would be tricky. The only way to know is to push for it. If you don't you would always wonder, "what if". My vote is to push forward, what have you got to lose?

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