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Looking for some tips/input



so I have now been practicing as a RN for a year. Unfortunately it was not completely in one setting because I had to quit one position for personal reasons unrelated to the position.. I have been doing hospice nursing now for 6 months. Some days I love it and others not so much. My main issue is that my skills need work. and by that I primarily mean catheter placement on a women and lab draws, both of which I have only been able to try once and have been unsuccessful. I have literally BEGGED To have opportunities to learn these skills, begged to learn a lot, but since staff is short like everywhere that's not very feasible. I do a whole lot of wound care which I like, and feel okay about port flushes/Picc lines and male catheters. Every skill I have done has been a go out and figure it out on your own and watch a YouTube video before you get there scenario.. Is that a good way to learn? It doesn't seem so to me, because there is no opportunity for constructive criticism or feedback. Not to mention, the type of care that gives a patient. I know that what I need is acute care experience to build a foundation, but in my area jobs are limited. I have been applying for well over a year and will continue. In my area it's very hard to get these positions unless you have "connections". I will keep trying. Thoughts ? Suggestions in general?

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What is your career goal? If you are working in an environment in which those interventions are rare, even if you 'learn' the skill, you will not be able to maintain proficiency without practice opportunities (AKA, use it or lose it).

Acute care skills are not necessary for all practice environments.