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Looking suburban area in TEXAS

Texas   (215 Views | 1 Replies)
by Mindy2020 Mindy2020 (New) New Nurse

Mindy2020 has 10 years experience and specializes in Geriatric.

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I am looking for a suburb area in Austin texas to raise my family. Currently working as a LPN in  NY geriatric facility with union benefit. 

1. Which area is good to raise a family? 

2. Any suggestions and advices on nursing facilities for job?

3. Any information will be helpful.



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Lots of great suburbs around austin. I know of Cedar Park and Round Rock are the biggest and closest to Central Austin from the North. As they get a bit more expensive, leander( past Cedar Park) is more affordable but a bit farther from centeal Austin. Not sure what market is like for LPNs.

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