looking for something new -- need advice


dear fellow nurses,

I have been a full time nurse in the neuro critical care unit of a comprehensive stroke center for 2+ years. while here I have been charge, preceptor, obtained CCRN and my SCRN. But, I am not exactly satisfied with my job, my hours, or my pay.

I am looking for something new but do not know where to begin. I have also done substitute school nurses ( which I thought I would love and want to do full time .. but I don't think I do) and part time respite care for naval and military families with children with disabilities.

I want something new. I am looking for a full time career-- preferably not 12 hour shifts and weekends and holidays -- I think I want to get out of the hospital but don't know where to go. urgent care hours are the same, if not, worse than hospitals.

I wanted to look into something, but I don't know what. I was thinking maybe cosmetic? or doctors office? or something like a clinic that is not open 24/7. but how do I get into that? or maybe there are other things out there I just don't know about?

I was wondering if anyone had any advice? suggestions? where to start?

I am near the Baltimore area if that helps at all?

Thanks for your time.



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Look into being a sales rep for either pharma or equipment. You have a lot more freedom, and probably more money also.

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Agree with PP ^^^. Your skill set (ICU & Pedi) are a very valuable asset for these companies.