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I`m writing from Germany us a german school nurse.

I`m still looking for a special-software for our work at school.

Here in Germany there is no way to find some. The reason is, we don`t have school nurses at school (just private schools).

If somebody is able to give me a adress or the name or even a example, I would apreciate it very much.

Since I started in this new school,(was built 09/02) I have all the files and every think from the pupils on paper . I really would like to use the computer, so my work would be much more easier. I mean of course I use the computer, but every child who come to me is archieved on a book.

How you american nurses work? Do you have a software?

I know the hospital, clinic etc. everybody got they own, but here I gave up to serch.

Just for information for the ones of you who read my last message. Now we have 700 kids( the secundary open in september) and it is so much fun. I really love this work here.

Next year school will race a bit more, so the number of pupils,finally, will be 1200 in the next 2years.

So, from the cold Germany a greeting to all of you:confused:


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I thought I will get some information from one of you. Thanks anyway.

I found one company in the States. Hopefully they will send me a Demo.

Would be just more better to compare the different programs.

Enjoy the little christmas brake



from Germany


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Sorry - somehow I missed this post. See my webpage

I assume the onle link that does not work is out of business:


If you are planning to go digital in your office, I recommend the following articles / chapters:

Bergren, M. D. (2001). Electronic records and technology. In N. Schwab & M. Gelfman (Eds.) Legal issues in school health services: A resource for school nurses, administrators and attorneys. North Branch, MN: Sunrise River Press.

Bergren, M. D. (1999). Legal issues: Office management practices. Journal of School Nursing, 15(3), 40 - 41.

Bergren, M. D. (1999). Criteria for software evaluation: Legal issues Journal of School Nursing, 15(2), 32-33.

Bergren, M. D. & Harrigan, J. (1998). Writing an information technology proposal. Journal of School Nursing ,14 (1), 36-38.

Bollinger, D. M., (2003, February). Protecting and using computer evidence, Inquiry and Analysis, 1 - 4. www.nsba.org/cosa

Vessey, J. A. (2002). Evaluation of commercial school health software for use in multisite research studies. Journal of School Nursing, 18(2), 95-100

For nurses in the US, please pay attention to articles on FERPA and HIPAA also re software requirements.


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That was a very good information you gave me. Thanks again.

Now I found some companys and I`m in touch with 3.

So, hopefully my school will agree to buy some softwork for the school.

Greetings from Germany

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