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:rotfl: Help!!!! Are there any Restorative Care Coodinators out there.

I was asked to start thr RCP in my facility. We did have a full-time PT. After I agreed to take the RCC position the management decided to dissolve the PT's position. Now I have nine rehab aides who think there world is falling apart. What they don't know is mine isn't that great either.

All I have so far is a lot of literature to read, and now I must start to implement this program. I have only a .4 to do it in. I have also been handed all of the PT's MDS as well. My .6 is as Supervisor. Any time management suggestions? AND WHERE DO I START!!!!!!! RobinDJ


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A Rehab Nursing program is the responsibility of a Nurse, not a therapist.

Set aside all your literatures for now. Start with a P&P following the guidelines for Nursing Rehab/Restorative Care in the MDS RAI Manual, pp 3-191 to 3-197.

The therapist's MDS sections are clearly defined likewise in the MDS Manual. Since you don't have a therapist to provide formal rehab therapy, you don't have to worry about tracking therapy days and minutes. You'll be entering "zeros" in Section P1b: Therapies.

9 Rehab aides to how many residents? With proper instructions, you can also include the direct care aides who can incorporate the programs while providing routine care.

A full 2-4 weeks (depending on facility size) devoted solely to the implementation of this program will give you a good start. That is, if time is on your side.

If you're stuck you may want to purchase a Restorative Nursing Manual which is practically developed following the guidelines mentioned in the MDS RAI....


Good luck!

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