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I am beginning to study the TEAS with hopes of getting into nursing. I have a TEAS workbook. I am looking for resources that pertain to actual medical and nursing education. What are some resources that I could use so that I have a head start in the nursing (LPN) course? Thank you.


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YouTube can be a great resource for you. Go through the workbook you have on hands and identify the weak areas and areas you are not comfortable with. Then search for information about those areas.

aquakenn, CNA

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I'm pretty new to the medical field. I do watch Crash Course on youtube, I got an ebook on learning medical terms [easily], and I bout an anatomy coloring book. Anything else that anyone can suggest? Thank you.


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For me the most stressful thing in nursing school was taking tests that had either "all that apply" questions and questions where all four answer options were "kind of the right answer". If I had to do it again, I would learn better testing habits. Also, if you want to have an early start, start going over most popular drugs. Medscape: Medscape Access - here's one list, but it does require a free membership account. You can find other sources as well. But pharmacology is a big and painful topic for nursing students.

Also, familiarize yourself with nursing care plans. They are important for planning patient care, but nowadays you probably won't find yourself physically writing them, most hospitals have everything computerized and generated with a click of a button. Schools will teach you how to write them, and it can be painful as well.


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I just finished my RN program. I'm not sure about specific LPN resources, but a great resource is a comprehensive NCLEX prep book.... I know it may seem crazy to prep for the NCLEX this early, but the review books contain very general, easy-to-browse information on body systems and disease processes that were great to look over before I read the in-depth (overwhelming!) chapters in my textbook. The practice tests were also very helpful, not just for the NCLEX, but for the unit tests throughout school.

Saunders is a publisher everyone seems to really love. Lippincott is another popular publisher, but I never used their review book, so I can't really compare the two. Here's Saunder's LPN review book:

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN Examination, 7e (Saunders Comprehensive Review for Nclex-Pn): 978323484886: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com

I did find Lippincott' Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy book very helpful for studying meds....but I hesitate to encourage you to buy too many resources just yet. At my school, they had a lot of the Incredibly Easy resources available online that I could access at home. Maybe you should go take a peek at your school or local library, and see what they have to offer? Ask those librarians what they have online too....I've found they LOVE sharing resources!