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Looking for Research Paper Suggestions


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Hello Fellow Nursing Students & Nurses!!

I'm currently finishing my last two pre-reqs before entering the Nursing program. Just have Physiology and Micro, then I'm finally DONE!, and in the program! :D

I just started Physiology this week and we need to submit our topics for a 10 page research paper by next week. The topics can be anything having to do with "Human Disease". She recommended choosing a topic close to us, meaning we've had some experience with in our own lives. Well, I consider myself very lucky because I havent had much "disease" in my life so I want to choose a topic that is current, interesting, and having to do with something that maybe nurses experience often. I would like to incorporate nursing into this paper in some way. Any one have any interesting suggestions for a topic? I've found myself interested in blood, the heart, Emergency Room nursing, and respiratory. But wouldnt restrict myself to those. I'm also male, so maybe something that men deal with? I dont know... I'm all over the place... I just want to do well, and be creative! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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1. The obesity epidemic is a really "hot topic" right now as it is causing so many health problems of all types -- cardiac, metabolic, etc. The effects of obesity on the body ... etc.

2. Focusing on gender differences in the course and presentation of cardiac disease is another big issue. It might be a good "eye opener" for a beginner-level nursing student.

3. Influenza -- flu shot controversies -- epidemics -- are fascinating. If you don't know much about the 1918 influenza pandemic, it is worth reading up on as we are facing the possibility of a similar pandemic in the next couple of years. Most people have no idea what that 1918 pandemic was like and how it was totally different from what most people think of when they think about "getting the flu."


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Thank you so much! I was actually thinking of influenza as a topic, but didnt know much about the 1918 pandemic... interesting! And I love the cardiac disease idea! Thanks again for your help!

Im doing my thesis on diabetes very prevelant at the moment and more so prevelant in the future as it links with obesity. theres loads in it so your hardly going to get to a point of having no info to go on. (still undecided if its a good thing or not)


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I am doing a research paper for my Maternity Nursing class. The topic I chose is

Infertilty in the PCOS patient.

There is tons of research on this subject, and it is a hot topic right now.

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