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2005 hhs primary health care policy fellowship program


the department of health and human services (hhs) is announcing the call for nominations for the 2005 primary health care policy fellowship and seeking ana's assistance to submit one nomination. approximately 70 health professions associations have been asked to participate in this highly competitive program. hrsa will provide fellows with a 6 month curriculum, including mandatory attendance of 3 weeks of on-site training, in the development and implementation of primary health care policy, programs, and legislation. on site training is divided into three sessions: february 6-11, 2005, april 10-15, 2005, and june 13-17, 2005. approximately 30-35 early-mid-career (5-10 years) professional experience) primary health care practitioners and academicians will be invited to participate. travel expenses and a per diem will be paid for all non-federal fellows, but no salary or honorarium will be offered. nominations must be received at ana by november 8, 2004. nominees will be notified after december 3, 2004 in order to arrange schedules in sufficient time to participate.

nominations must include:

* a letter of interest

* a current curricula vitae

* one page bio-sketch for more information and submission of nominations, please contact: pam hagan at [email protected].

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