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looking 4 PICU positions in Portland, OR

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Looks like I'll be moving to the Portland area in Jan 2016 and I'm looking for any tips/local knowledge you're willing to offer regarding children's hospitals in the area. After doing some research I'm most interested in Randall Children's and Doernbecher Children's (the only 2, I believe, with PICUs).

I'll be coming with ~2 yrs PICU experience in a 30 bed unit with a stellar team of RNs that always help each other out(also a teaching hospital, redesignated magnet status, level 1 trauma center). I want love my job in Portland as much as I love my job now :)

Can anyone offer insight into hospital/unit culture, RN:pt ratio, reputation, starting shift requirements, salary, securing a position early (before I actually make the move!)?

When should I apply for licensure through Oregon and are there any other requirements I should be aware of?

My husband's job is relocating us from the midwest, so I'll take any other random advice you want to throw at me.

Thanks for looking!

LoveMyBugs, BSN, CNA, RN

Specializes in Pediatrics.

They are both teaching hospitals

They are both trauma centers

Legacy is looking to be a pediatric trauma center as they have the Peds rehab program

Randall is only 4 yrs old so nice new building with huge private rooms

Nursing culture can not comment on as I have not worked in both units.

I have worked with people who have worked both OHSU/Doernbeckers and Legacy/Randall and haven't heard anything negative about either.

I would also consider your commute times, as OHSU is up the hill with no free parking, last I heard was around $10 a day to park.

Randall has free parking on the other side of the river.

Apply to both, ask to shadow