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Looking for the nudge out of the nest

Has 10+ years experience. Specializes in ER/ICU.

I am finishing up IOP in the next 2 weeks and it's finally time to start looking for work. I have been an ER/ICU nurse for the past 12 years. I ended up on the monitoring program for AZ because I am on prescribed narcotics for a back injury. I did not get fired or have any job issues for diverting or being impaired on the job. I self reported after I had a driving incident resulting in a wreckless driving charge. I have been placed on the monitoring program for 3 years to include IOP (which I am just finishing) NA/AA meetings 2 times a week for 3 years, an after care program for 6 months and a weekly nurse recovery meeting for 3 years. I also have random drug screens for 3 year (I guess to make sure I am taking the medication and nothing else) but I do not have to stop taking the medications that are prescribed. I do not take any medication before work or while I am at work,I only take it after work and on days off. I do have a narcotic restriction for the next 10 months and am on probation for 3 years.

I would like to find a job but need some advice on where to go from here...

Can any of you who have been through this, know someone who has been through this or are an employer who is willing to work with nurses who are going through this please help me? I would like some advice on places that are willing to hire nurses in the same/similar situations as me. I would also like some advice on the best way and when to disclose to potential employers that I am in a monitoring program. Is it better to tell them why your are in it or to not disclose any information unless asked. I would be great full for any information you can share with me.

I have always been a very self confident nurse and felt I could tackle any position. Since all of this I seem to have lost my self confidence and I am almost afraid to start working again. I need a nudge out of the nest so I can spread my wings and fly. I have read so many uplifting posts from so many people it has been what's kept me holding on the past couple of months. I am looking forward into the future to the day where I can return the favor I am asking of you today.....


Has 25 years experience. Specializes in Emergency, Psych.

I found the most receptive employers were ones where narcotic passing, and hence your narc restrictions, were not an issue; op med clinics, dialysis, corrections, etc. I was able to get a job pretty quickly in OP Psych. It's pretty much a desk job, but the lack of contact with narcs has been very nice as it just doesn't cause me the potential anxiety. Almost 3 yrs in this position and I'm starting to think about a return to acute care in some fashion. Remember, it's all Higher Power driven, you will end up where you need to be!

I hired a nurse on restrictions when I managed a dialysis clinic. No problems, we don't keep any narcotics on site.


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