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Looking for NP in Fort Mill/Rock Hill, SC area

Specializes in NICU, Postpartum. Has 6 years experience.

Hi everyone! During my online MSN program, I decided to move to Charlotte, NC - good for my mental health, bad for finding a preceptor! I've been "cold calling" offices in the Fort Mill/Rock Hill/Indian Land area, to no avail! It looks like I won't be finding a preceptor for this semester, but obviously I need to be ahead of the game and find one for this summer!

I am looking for an NP to precept me for an advanced health assessment and clinical reasoning course. It is 56 hours of contact time and should involve H&Ps and focused assessments. I can only do my preceptorship in SC, despite living in NC because Massachusetts (where my program is) does not allow students to do practicum experiences in NC.

Thank you - any suggestions will help!


You should expand your search to the Columbia area, much larger area and many more providers... Not a bad drive and only about 2 hours each way.


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