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I recently moved to Palo Alto, CA. I am looking for a job closer to home. Lucile Packard Children Hospital Is the hospital I like to work in. They have NICU and pediatric units. Problem is their NICU does not have openings right now. I applied for job openings on two separate pediatric units and got two interviews which lead to no where. Then I saw 3 NICU job postings in another hosptital a little farther away from my house. I applied but have not heard anything from the nurse manager yet. I am currently working in a NICU at a hospital 50 miles from my house. I have been working there for about 8 years now. I like working there but I want to cut down on my commute time. Finding a new NICU job is harder than I imagine. Does anyone have the same experience? I can benefit from a few insights and advice.

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This would probably get a better response in the CA forum.

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