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looking for an MSN program

by trsat-rn trsat-rn (New) New

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I am looking for a good online MSN program that is affordable. I am interested in education or informatics. I finished my BSN through Chamberlain. I have had only good experiences with Chamberlain but I want to explore all my options before committing to anything. Chamberlain is also pricey and I am hoping to find something a little more affordable. I like the price of WGU but I'm not sure about the competency based approached. I have just started researching programs so any suggestions or recommendations are welcome.

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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I'm sure you can uncover quite a few graduate schools that offer MSN-Edu or Informatics. But, I want to point out that the most successful students are those who graduate from programs that require an internship or practicum. When you're sorting through options, be sure to factor that in. Ask about their graduates - where are they employed? They should have a ready answer for you. Seriously, the practicum/internship is invaluable. This is where you learn to actually apply your skills & have the opportunity to make connections that will pay off when you're looking for a job.

If you're interested in Informatics, you may also want to investigate the "10 X 10" certificate programs that are available without an MSN - there's information on the AMIA site - 10x10 Virtual Courses | AMIA