Looking for a lifejacket!!!

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I am drowning in referrals and preauth with insurance companies!!

After all I am a nurse and wish to be a nurse!!

I do not want to spend countless hours "getting permission" for referrrals and procedures!

In your office how many docs and how many nurses..?

How do you handle referrals??

I realize this may be different depending on the staes you live in.

Here in TN we have far to many HMOs. **It is very time intensive

I am looking for helpful tips!

Also... have any of you used ENVOY..if so what do you think

Looking forward to your response!!

Trying to keeep my head above water..sputter sputter..

Hi Darla,

In our office we have 3 Doctors, 3 nurses and 3 front office, I do not do the referrals the girls up front do. Our main HMO for needed referals is BC BS Health options and I do know they now get the referrals on line and do not have to call and wait countless minutes on the phone....Jeanne

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I work in an OB/GYN office.We have 2 docs,2 Nurse Practioners.We have 2 nurses per doc and 1 nurse for each Practioner. We try to divide the work.I would suggest having some of the front staff help.You can always give them the clinical info needed.It would free you up for more nurse duties.


As an the office nurse and office manager I feel that the job of authorizations are the duty of the front office. I have one employee that only does authorizations.

There are two doctors in our office but they are surgeons so only one doc in the office at a time. I have two office staff and myself. It would be fine if I had competent office staff instead I have two airheads. I don't work on the authorizations, just make sure that they have them done.

Good Luck.

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