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Looking for interesting research ideas for obstetric research paper



I am a current nursing student taking a grad level research class. I would like to write my research proposal on something in the obstetric field. Since I am still an undergraduate I am having a hard time selecting something to research since I lack expertise in this field.

If there are any nurses who currently work in Obstetrics (NICU, Nursery, etc) and you have any helpful ideas on something you have run across or thought of some changes that would benefit this field... my ears are open!

I would appreciate any help or feedback from experienced nurses! Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :rolleyes:

Just a tip, if you want feedback only from experienced nurses...you might not get those responses typing on a student board. Try the OB board.

I'll throw my 2 cents in, though I am not an experienced nurse. But, a very interesting topic would be the policy of many hospitals banning VBAC births, due to a misinterpretation of the recommended policy. Some hospitals are correcting the mistake, but many still try and claim it is across the board dangerous and unsafe. This, of course, is obsurd. Anyway, could make a good paper!

Good luck with your paper.

VBAC would be a good topic (I've had two and am thankful for a local hospital that allows them!).

Another would be non-medical inductions. Our local hospital has finally put in place that elective inductions can not be done before 39 weeks as there are studies that show that those after 39 weeks have better outcomes than before (even though most generally think term = 37 weeks).

Thank you to both of you. I will re-post on the correct board. I wasn't sure if experienced nurses browsed the student sections to offer/help answer any questions.

I'll look into VBAC, thanks!