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Looking for information

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Hi, Well i'm new to the site. I signed up initially to get specific information. Here's my story...I've been a nurse for 14 yrs. and recently started a new job. My 14 yrs. have been primarily in geriatrics.Well, i recently found out that the MDS coordinator position will be available, and its been suggested that I take it. I am not too familiar with the job, have helped with the paperwork in the past, but what I need is more info. If there is anyone out there who could possibly help me with my situation it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, and am looking forward to reading your replies.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Hi. I'm going to move your question to the LTC/Geriatrics forum where I know there are MDS coordinators. Perhaps they can answer your questions. This forum is primarily for introductions and questions might be missed.

Welcome and good luck to you!

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