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Looking for info about jobs in Hood, Erath counties in Texas

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It seems like allnurses has evolved into a forum for those considering nursing programs.

I was hoping I could get information about an area in Texas for Nursing Jobs - mainly Granbury, Brownwood, Comanche, and Bluff Dale.

Does anyone have any know any thing about these areas?

Here are my original and second posts:


We are considering a move to a retirement property in Comanche TX. Brownwood Regional Medical Center is now offering $15K sign on bonus for experienced nurses AND $10K loan forgiveness AND relocation allowance - is this too good to be true?

We drove through Comanche (ghost town) and Brownwood (rough city). We found better real estate prospects in Bluff Dale and fell in love with Granbury. We haven't found the perfect property yet so we are expanding our search. Can't help but think we should take a second look at Comanche. I'm not worried about getting a job (I'm experienced ICU and finishing my MSN). We may even become snow birds.

Most hospitals that offer incentive bonuses usually have difficulty in keeping staff. Is Brownwood any different?


Hello y'all,

I posted this in late January and haven't rec'd any replies: Since then, we have widened our search to include Graford, Gordon, and Bowie TX. Can anyone tell me what they think about these places? Sure would like to find the same kind of charm like we found in Granbury.

Your thoughts?

I look forward to hearing from anyone!

Thank you!

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