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Looking for ICU preceptor

Kristi_bb Kristi_bb (New) New

Hi there, this feels rather bold but I thought I would give it a try.

I'm currently a nursing student in BC and am decided on a career in critical care. Due to recent changes in how precepting placements are allocated, my school is unable to assure me that I will receive a precepting position in the area of my choice. The best I can do is choose "med/surg" and hope that I get an ICU placement. However, if we are deemed an "exceptional student", and have someone outside of the lower mainland willing to precept us, they are willing to consider it. So here I am, looking for a full-time experienced nurse who would be willing to take me on as a precepting student from Mid-february to almost the end of April next year. I am a mature student with an "A" average and a background as a paramedic as well as a previous degree and completed graduate program. I am planning on enrolling in Mount Royal's Critical Care program to begin in January of next year to supplement my learning. I'd look forward to hearing from anyone to discuss this potential opportunity.

Thanks. Kristi

Thanks for this link. However, I am looking for a registered nurse, not a nurse practitioner. As well, it will have to be in Canada. Thanks again though