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Looking for housing in Peoria

JazzyOneRN JazzyOneRN (Member)

Ive been accepted in Methodist College of Nursing for January 2010 the dorms are filled up and I have no place to stay. The person over housing said that she would have some things for me when we met last week but she didnt so I am in need of a place to rent/sublet or share a place with another nursing student or college student in peoria..I thought about getting my own apartment, but I am leaving my job here in Michigan to go to nursing school full time in Peoria...Apartments want to see on the application that you are working I wont be and Im a full time student...This is frustrating Im a little upset with Methodist considering I am an OUT OF STATE STUDENT that lives over 500 miles away... This is frustrating and very disheartening :crying2::crying2::crying2::crying2::cry::cry::cry:

If anyone knows of anyplaces or have suggestions of where I can find a place to stay by January I would truly appreciate it


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Sorry to hear about your housing trouble!! It is hard enough moving to a new state. I'm a graduate of St. Francis College of Nursing, which is less than a block away from Methodist College of Nursing in Peoria. I'm not 100% sure on this, but perhaps if St. Francis still has dorm rooms available for this winter, they would be willing to let you rent one for a semester (until something opens at Methodist). I know when rooms are still available, they often open them up for the radiology students. Also, you could check with Bradley University student apartments. They have quad apartments and often have tenants looking for a fourth roommate. I doubt they would expect you to show income, as they are student apartments. They are about a 10 minute drive from Methodist, but they are quite nice.

Thanks Jen Im going to call St Francis and see on Monday ...I contacted Bradley and they said they only take Bradley Students so Im praying I beleive something will come through for me


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