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Looking for a Direct Entry Nurse Practitioner Program

by historymajor historymajor (New) New

I am looking for a direct entry entry nurse practitioner program. My local university does not have a program that will make you eligible to be an NP. I am willing to move to attend the program. What prerequisite course work will I need?

Some more information: I am male, 26 years old. I have a BA in History; graduated with a 3.9 GPA. I currently work in a hospital in a non-medical role.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I should add: I am not interested in "advanced generalist" or "clinical specialist" Programs. If it is not a nurse practitioner program, then I'm not interested.

Along with Northeastern, and Penn. there are some that are set up a bit differently like you can be accepted into both the MSN and BSN portion or just the BSN. Johns Hopkins use to be that way and NYU may still have that option. I don't remember all of the schools, but Juan is right not every school on that list will be for NP so research carefully.