Looking for other develomental support role nurses


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I am a bedside nurse with 6 years NICU experience that has been the Developmental Support person for 2 years. My role is to be a support to the staff in all things development..go figure. I work in a Level III+ NICU. We are an ECMO center and have mostly surgical babies. Another part of my job is to keep the unit current on what is going on out there in the developmental world. My hope is to find other nurses in my position to bounce ideas off of and vica-versa.


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This won't be very helpful, sorry....but I just wanted to say yay! for your unit having such a wonderful position. Is it your full time position? or are you the developmental resource person..who is also a f/t bedside staff nurse? I really loved the big push we all seemed to have about developmental care in the late 90's...but it seems to have lost it's momentum, at least in our unit. We still, individually, try to take responsibility for positioning, decreased stimulation etc and try to teach it to our new hires....but the focus on ongoing education and encouragement to consider the developmental impact of everything we do, has nearly vanished completely.

hope you get some more helpful replies as well!


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