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Hello Everyone,

Soon I hope to be entering a BSN program and I'm looking for the best one for me. It's hard to stay encouraged when programs are so competitive! I'm working extremely hard in school for my pre-reqs and all I can say is that I already can't wait to be out of college and in the nursing field! It doesn't help that everything I read talks about how awful and emotionally draining nursing school is...but I'm ready to do what it takes for my dream! My question is, can anyone recommend a program they are/have attended? I'm doing everything I possible can to find a program with no wait-list.

The pre-reqs I will have finished by the time I'm entering school will be:

Human Development







(Others such as ENG, COM, etc. I haven't listed, even though I have completed them, because I am mainly mentioning the common pre-reqs schools require.)


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Where are you looking to attend? I'm guessing by your SN that you live in AK? Are you planning to leave the state?

I know here in CA, the state universities aren't taking out of state students. This is also an extremely competitive state, where you really need a GPA of at least 3.7. You didn't state what your GPA is.

Any program that's halfway decent is going to have some competition to get in. If you can walk easily into a program, you really need to evaluate its reputation, curriculum, and accreditation.


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I have a 3.5 GPA and I do plan to leave the state. I'm open to anywhere, but I'm glad you told me about California.

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I just got in HPU in Hawaii. It was the only school I applied to because it as the closest to my house and traffic here is awful. My undergrad GPA was 2.79 (graduated in 2005) and when I took my nursing pre-reqs in VA (2009-2010) my GPA was 3.5. HPU's minimum GPA is 2.75. Good luck to you! Oh, and ECON 1000 was a pre-req! So between my BS and the classes from the CC ,I basically was able to transfer everything over and not worry about them expiring my science course.


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Congratulations on being accepted! I can't wait to get to that point! I am definitely going to look into HPU!

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