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I'm looking for advice on my continuing education. I'm currently an Excelsior student and have a great job that I love at a very large hospital, howver, now I'm at the point where I have to wait a year or more to test for my CPNE...the wait wouldn't be bad if I didn't have a deadline to get my RN degree for my job, which just came into effect. I'm terrified to apply for early cancellation because I'm not sure Im ready (even though I'm working hard at it) and I don't want to blow it and have to wait longer!! God forbid that happens, and I'm jobless. Do you know of any schools that would transfer my credits and allow me to do the clinical portion? I live in PA.

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I don't believe your nursing courses would transfer. Traditional clinical hours vary by state. Even if you found a program to accept your nursing credits, you may still be out of time with your job by the time you complete those hours.

Your basic LPN-RN bridge program is one year after prereqs are met. That bridging student generally attends clinicals over the duration of the year-long bridge...at least, that's how it is in my area.

I say apply for the cancellation date. It may still be a few months before you get it. When they call with a date, you either accept or decline based on where you stand with your job. If you accept, I'd put in for some leave to really beef up and drive home my preparation if I were you.


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I'm afraid that they will not take the credits. You can see and check, but none of the schools would touch my credits. And several schools told me that they were thinking the classes would need to be redone.

I wish you the best of luck.