Looking for advice on applying for New Grad opportunities!!!


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Hi everyone,

I will start my senior year in just a few days; with two semesters (spring and summer) ahead of me, I will graduate this August!:yeah:

I live in Virginia; my husband and I am thinking about moving to California and I have reviewed some relevant information about New Grad opportunities in that region. My current understanding is that I need to apply to hospitals while I am still in school (It seems that if I wait until August, I won't be able to catch those programs that start in August or even October). If I were accepted by a program, I will then apply to CA Board of Registered Nursing to take the NCLEX in California....

I have heard all kinds of stories about the hardships of getting the first job as a new grad RN; I am especially worried that I will be applying as an out-of-state applicant. Do most of you apply online & email your resume or do you call them first and ask about their preferred method of contact or something else? (I can't apply in person because I am so far away!)

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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